Mick Potts

Mick Potts

Manager, Free Trade Inn

Almasty Buyer / Impossible Beer Idea Generator / Brewery Nuisance 

Having worked in pubs and bars for more of my adult years than not, it’s really in the 8 years at the Free Trade Inn I’ve become slightly obsessed by beer and brewing.  
A lot of spare time these days is spent searching out good booze around UK, Europe and further afield or attempting to run long distances to justify drinking it all. 
At the Free Trade we’ve been buying Mark’s beer for 6 or so years, through his time at Mordue, Tyne Bank and now Almasty.  It was during his time around the corner that we really got to know Mark and his passion for his brewing and beer.

With three Almasty beers on the bar at any point it’s fair to say we’re fans. Our bespoke house beer ‘Echelon’ is a pub favourite, and the screen printed wooden clips has become a sign of guaranteed quality for our customers.  Casks of the MK IPA series in particular are usually drained in just a few hours.
So far my favourite Almasty beers have been the Mango IPA, Imperial Stout and Kettle Sour, though it’s the beers not yet released that really excite me.  

Having witnessed the growing Barrel Stock in the brewery and ideas for the beers to go in them, I’m looking forward to the experiments to come.